The Santa Ynez Pet Hospital opened its doors on June 28, 1983. The 4,000 square foot building has an unusual feature in that the walls are composed of rammed earth from the lot itself, in a similar fashion to adobe. Developed by a childhood friend of Dr. Dean, David Easton, the 11- inch thick walls were made by literally compacting the earth between plywood frames. There are 42 skylights in the middle of the building affording a passive solar heating system as well as the advantage of ambient lighting. Material made from sails is used in a curtain-type fashion below the skylights. In the winter, the sails are open during the day to allow the heat of the sun to penetrate the flooring and walls. The sails are drawn closed at night to retain the heat. Conventional heating and air conditioning are present for the extremes in warm and cool weather.

The hospital has certainly improved over the years with advances in technology, increasing standards of care, and achieving AAHA certification. Despite keeping up with the latest in laboratory technology, digital diagnostics, and surgical equipment, our building is the same quaint space you’ve come to know over the last four decades. Our warm, inviting, country atmosphere is a special part of the experience, and truly represents Santa Ynez Pet Hospital.