At the Santa Ynez Pet Hospital in downtown Santa Ynez, CA you can expect to receive superior veterinary care in a relaxed and friendly environment. Call us at (805) 688-4944 to schedule an appointment for your pet(s) today.

Please bring in any medical and vaccine history for your pet(s) when you come, or provide us with the phone numbers of your pet’s previous health care provider so we can access this information. We do recommend you keep a journal or history of their pet’s health and behavior throughout his or her life, so any changes are detected early.

A complete physical exam, bloodwork, and dental cleaning (if needed) should be performed at least once a year even if your cat or dog appears healthy. Geriatric pets should be evaluated at least twice yearly. Preventative healthcare and early disease detection is the best you can do for your beloved pet and more cost effective than waiting until disease becomes obvious.

Schedule an appointment today. You’ll be happy you came to the Santa Ynez Pet Hospital for your loved and cared for pet’s care!